#263 Mark & Steve – Food – (Intermediate)

Mark and Steve talk about food and the different types of food they eat at home and that are available in Vancouver.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Food and Drink
Duration: 17:14


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Steve:    Yeah, but in Japan there seems to be more different sort of modern adaptation, fusion; looking to do different things.  I had the impression, actually, that there’s more of that in China than there is here.  That you find more call it experimental fusion-type restaurants with Chinese food in China than here; whereas, here it seems to be this sort of set formula.


Mark:    Right.  There’s certainly sort of the standard Chinese restaurant that does a lot of take out business.


Steve:    Right.


Mark:    Yeah, but, I mean, I think there are some fusion-type places, I think.  I don’t know.


Steve:    When you look at the kind of ethnic restaurants we have here, we have a lot of Asian restaurants, a lot of Italian restaurants, some French restaurants, one or two Russian restaurants.  I have to know that because I’m interested in Russian.



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