Introduction to LingQ

Hello, and welcome to the EnglishLingQ podcast.

I’m your host, Mark Kaufmann.

The way this podcast works is that each episode we will be presenting an interview, an excerpt from an audio book, some kind of genuine English content.

And after you listen to it a few times, we strongly recommend you visit our site at

LingQ of course is spelled L-i-n-g-Q.

I say of course only because hopefully you’ve seen that already when you first subscribed to this podcast.

Once you’re at our site at, you’ll find that you can sign up and register. Registration is free so please come and take a look. See all the tools that we have to offer. These are the tools that form the basis for The Linguist language learning system and they are extremely effective.

With that having been said, I think it’s time we moved on to our content for today. What better way to get started on this podcast than with an introduction to our system. So, the first content item is an introduction for beginners. If you’re not a beginner then we will shortly be podcasting our second episode which is an introduction for intermediate and advanced learners. So here we go, with Introduction for Beginners. Welcome to The Linguist. My name is Steve. What is your name? I live in Canada. Where do you live?

Do you want to learn to speak English well? I think you can learn to speak English well if you want to. I think you will enjoy studying English with The Linguist system.

You need to listen. You need to read it. You need to learn many words and phrases. The Linguist system will help you to learn many words and phrases. You will enjoy studying with The Linguist.

Please use our system.You will not only learn to speak English well, you will learn to write English well.You will learn to understand English better.You will learn to read English easily.

You can improve your English. You can enjoy English. If you enjoy the language you will improve. Believe me. I know how to learn languages. I learned nine languages as an adult.

Good luck in your studies. Choose items to study from The Linguist Library. Make sure you choose items from the Easy Starter section of our Linguist Library. Just practice listening and reading often and your English will get better every day.

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