A Special Birthday Surprise (Intermediate)

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Listen in as David chats with his Mom, Lorna Avender, about her birthday; and one surprise in particular that only her daughter could have given her.

David: So, Mom, Friday, the twenty-second of October was a very special day-it was your birthday.

How was your birthday?

Lorna: It was a great day. I had the family over, I got some very nice gifts, and we ordered pizza.

David That’s right. Very good pizza.

Tell me about your gifts. There were some very nice gifts, but there was a special gift. So, tell me about those gifts, and the special one in particular.

Lorna: Well, I’ll tell you all of them. Your dad bought me two very nice nighties, and a very pretty blouse. He’s got very good taste. And, my terrific son bought me a VCR/DVD player, so that I can watch some movies that I like.

When Dad’s watching, you know, war movies or ‘This Old House,’ or ‘Fix Up This Old House,’ I can watch Barry Manilow or ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ DVDs. So that was very special. Then my daughter and my son-in-law, Kathy and Jamie, came over and I sat down and opened one of their gifts. One was a novel, a mystery novel, which I really enjoy. And then I got busy doing other things, and there were two presents remaining. My daughter was pacing up and down, and I’m thinking to myself, “She seems awfully nervous.”

I said, “Sit down, Kathy.” She said, “I just want you to open your gifts.” So anyway, I sat down and opened the next gift. It was a little book, and on the front of it, it said, “Grandma’s Brag Book.” It went through my head, “Oh, this is something for the future.” She said, “Open it, Mom,” and it said, “Coming 2005.” And I was speechless. I didn’t say a word! I said, “It’s not, you’re not!”

She’s just shaking her head and her eyes were filled with tears. That was the news, it was wonderful.

David Yeah, wonderful for everyone. And this is your very first, so Dad’s going to be a grandpa, and you’re going to be a grandma, and Dave’s going to be an uncle, which is exciting as well. How do you feel about this?

I mean, you know, for me, it’s exciting thinking of having a little kid I can play with once in a while. How do you feel? You’ve been through this, this is your own daughter having a child.

How do you feel about this?

Lorna: It’s exactly what you said. It’s your baby is having a baby, and there’s nothing that can compare to that. Nothing. I always wanted to be a grandmother, but I always felt that was their decision and there’s no need to be saying, “When are you starting a family?” The only thing my daughter said to me one time is that, “It doesn’t seem like the right time.” I said, “Well, if you’re looking for the right time, it’ll probably never be the right time. There will always be something.”

But that was all. This is a whole new chapter in our lives, it’s really exciting.

David I imagine she’s going to be asking advice, all kinds of advice, over the next nine months and probably for the rest of her life. “What do I do with my sixteen-year-old son? I can’t control him, he’s out of control, his hair is too long.” What has she asked you up until now? Has she asked you any funny anecdotes, does she have any questions for you yet?

Lorna: Well, I guess the most important one at this point is, “How much weight did you gain,” [laughter] and, “How did you feel?” I said, “Well, I gained twenty to twenty-five pounds, and actually it was the healthiest time of my life. I didn’t have any morning sickness, I just felt terrific.” And it’s going the same way with her, she can’t believe it because she feels so great.

David What are you looking forward to?

I’ve heard Judge Judy and others have said that the job of a grandparent is to spoil the kids rotten, because that’s what grandparents do. Grandparents have fun because they’re not disciplinarians. They’re the ones who spoil the kids, sneak them the candies, sneak them the dollar here, dollar there. What are you looking forward to most, as being a grandparent?

Lorna: Well, just having that little hand to hold, to have that little person say “Grandma.”

But as far as spoiling them, you can give them maybe a little bit of candy or something like that, but you don’t spoil them as far as discipline. You have the same rules that the parents have, and you just want them to be respectable children with respect for people.

David Last question: Tonight’s game-Red Sox and St. Louis. Who would you like to win, and why would you like them to win?

Lorna: Well, most people would probably disagree with me, but I’ve always been a St. Louis fan. I really like Tony LaRussa, the manager.

I think he’s a good guy, he’s very knowledgeable. I’d like to see him have a win, and also because Walker, one of the players, is from Maple Ridge, British Columbia. So he’s a hometown guy. But, unfortunately, I think the Boston team’s on a roll, so good luck to them.

David Thanks a lot, Mom. Okay, take care and thank you very much. That was Lorna Avender-my mom.

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