Keys to Success (Intermediate)

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Today we hear from John who has some helpful tips on language learning.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How did you learn your native language?

That’s one of the questions that Steve Kaufmann asked himself when he designed The Linguist’s advanced English language learning system.

We teach English via a lot of listening, reading (with audio), and writing.

The keys are vocabulary, phrases, and natural language.

In other words, we don’t start with a picture of an apple, write ‘APPLE’ beneath it, and say the word ‘apple.’ This is incredibly popular in language-learning software and it’s also virtually useless if you’re learning a language.

I mean, unless all you want to be able to do is point at a picture of an apple and say “apple!” then this type of English language learning is excellent. Perfect. Right up your alley.

But suppose you want to learn English that you can actually use. English that you can communicate with. English that you can get a job with. For that, you need the Linguist.

We start with natural, spoken English. Listen to it again and again. And again. Keep listening to it.

We also give you full text of all the audio – so you can learn to read English at the same time as you learn to understand it, and speak it.

It’s natural English. It’s recorded by native speakers. It includes natural words, and – importantly – natural phrases. Learning words and particularly phrases is key. You will start to learn English as the native English speaker speaks it. Then we help you save the words and phrases you’re listening to, by linking them together in your personalized database of the English language.

Putting it all together, the constant listening to English content, the simultaneous reading of English text, and the learning and linking of words and phrases ? and you find that you’re learning English the exact same way you learned your native or first language.

It works! Sign up now.

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