Central American Holiday

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In this episode, Steve and Jill talk about Jill’s upcoming trip to Central America and some other exciting news.

Steve: Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hi, Steve.

Steve: You know, we’ve been trying to get our various Podcasts going again because we had some difficulty with our computers; with the sound systems.

And, so, we’re experimenting today with using what’s known as an Mbox with an older computer in our office.

And, I hope the sound is better for people.

We may get some reaction back from people.

But, that’s not a very interesting subject.

Jill, you have some exciting news.

I gather you’re gonna’ go traveling again.

Where are you going?

Jill: Yes.

I’m going to Central America and some of you will already know this.

Mark and I discussed this a little bit on a Podcast awhile ago.

But, yeah, I’m going to five of the seven countries in Central America just missing El Salvador and Panama.

Steve: Aha.

What is it that as you think of your trip to Central America, what is it that you look forward to the most?

Jill: Well, I guess the main thing is that I’m going to get married when I’m there.

Steve: Well, hold it!

I didn’t want to be the one to announce it, okay; but, since you have brought that into the equation.

Jill: Yeah.

Steve: So, we have two subjects to discuss.

One is the fact that you’re getting married.


Jill: Thank you.

Steve: I think that’s wonderful news.

Everybody here, all your friends, we’re very happy.

I can speak from experience.

Marriage is a very nice institution.

So, we can talk a little bit about that.

Is it fair to ask how long you and your future husband have known each other?

Jill: Yes.

It’s been almost five years now; so, quite a while.

Steve: It took you that long to convince him?

Or did it take him that long to convince you?

Jill: I was gonna’ say, it took him that long to convince me, you know.

Steve: Okay.

But, so, you’ve known each other for five years.

Jill: Yes.

Steve: And so, this trip to Latin to South America Central America, rather, is sort of like a pre-marriage honeymoon.

Jill: Yeah.

It’s a marriage ceremony, honeymoon, all in

Steve: Oh, you’re getting married down there?

Jill: Yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Steve: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Jill: We’re getting married in Costa Rica.

Steve: Why?

Jill: Just because we want to.

Steve: You don’t want your friends there?

Jill: No.

Nobody is coming.

Steve: Nobody’s coming?

Jill: No.

Steve: You’re getting married.

Are you gonna’ have a party or something?

Jill: We’ll have a party when we come back with everybody.

Steve: Oh, I see.

Jill: But, yeah, for us, getting married, it’s not a religious ceremony, it’s just a short ceremony.

A lawyer performs it on the beach at sunset in Costa Rica.

That’s it; very simple.

Steve: That’s fascinating.

And why did you choose Costa Rica?

Jill: Well, really, we were thinking of going on a trip to Central America, basically, because Chris has traveled extensively throughout the world to every continent and he’s been to South America a few times and Central America was one place he hadn’t been and really wanted to go.

And, you know, rain forests and beaches and volcanoes and things like that interest me as well.

So, I thought, well, hey, yeah, that sounds fine.

And it was either Belize or Costa Rica that we were going to get married in and Belize was just more complicated.

You had to be in that country for several days before you could apply for a license and there was just more complications.

So, it was just easier in Costa Rica and we went that route.

Steve: So, you’re going to fly into Costa Rica.

Are you going to get married right away?

Jill: Yes.

Steve: I should hope so!

Jill: Yes.

Steve: I mean and then you will travel?

Jill: Yes.

Steve: And how many days will you spend in Costa Rica?

Jill: We will be there for about a week in Costa Rica and then we will just make our way up.

So, we’ll go to Nicaragua for about a day and a half – two days, Honduras a couple days, then we will be in Guatemala for about five days.

There’s quite a lot of interesting things to see there.

Steve: And when you say you’re gonna’ move around like this, you’re gonna’ be traveling by what means?

Jill: Mostly, probably buses.

There are some flights we can take, but most of the bus trips are only gonna’ be five hours; not that long.

And by the time we get to an airport and take the hour-long flight and out of there, doesn’t save us much time to fly and it’s a lot of it’s very expensive to fly within?

Steve: And I would imagine that the local buses will probably be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

I picture people and chickens and donkeys and so forth.

Jill: Yeah.

And I think that’s true.

I mean, there are local buses that are like that for sure.

But, on our longer trips, there’s air conditioned, you know, like Greyhound-style buses; sort of first-class, if you will, buses.

So, we’ll take those for our, you know, longer journeys.

Steve: That’s what Chris has promised you?

Jill: Well, yeah.

I don’t know if I believe him, though.

Steve: But, I’m sure that our stereotype sort of vision of a bus in Central America with all the chickens and the donkeys is probably more a product of Hollywood than reality.

I know that, in my own experience, the standard of comfort you now get in buses in countries all over the world — air conditioned, music, you know, DVDs, you name it — I’m sure that on the major routes in Central America they have similar service.

Jill: Well, I’m hoping, I’m hoping.

I mean, when I was in China last year, we took a bus and it was just fine.

It was comfortable, it was air conditioned, you know, it was fine.

So, I’m hoping it will be like that.

Steve: Now I know, Jill, that you are not the most adventurous eater in the world.

What are your.you know, how local are you guys gonna’ go insofar as your eating?

Jill: Well, I think Central America is not that different from Canada in a lot of ways.

I think it’s I’ve heard there’s a lot of chicken and rice.

Steve: Beans.

Jill: I’ve heard that it can be quite bland, actually.

So, for me and my stomach, that will probably be fine.

Steve: Bland is good?

Jill: Well, no, I do like flavor and I do like some spice; but, when I’m traveling, I think something that’s a little on the bland side is maybe better for me.

Steve: So, I’ll ask my first question again.

Leaving aside the fact that you’re getting married there, which is wonderful and congratulations, if we just look at the travel part of it, what is it that you are most looking forward to seeing and doing in Latin America or in Central America?

Jill: Well, I think going into the rain forest and the cloud forest in Costa Rica and, you know, seeing all the different birds and monkeys and wildlife, I think, is one of the highlights.

And, also, there are some fabulous Mayan ruins in Guatemala as well as Honduras.

I’m looking really forward to those some volcanoes that we’re gonna’ hike up and then, also, we’re gonna’ have some beach time in Belize on the Caribbean.

So, I’m just looking forward to it all.

And we’ll be in some colonial cities for a couple days.

So, it’s just a mixture of everything.

Steve: My goodness.

Are you apprehensive, concerned, worried, about any aspects of your trip?

Jill: I would say that I’m a little worried about some of the poisonous snakes, spiders, things like that, that we will probably encounter or at least see in the rain forest or, you know, even at our hotel.

We are staying at a very nice place in Costa Rica, but there’s scorpions around and, you know, I’m not a huge fan of bugs and insects and, especially, poisonous ones.

But, I think it will be fascinating at the same time.

I’m a little bit scared, but I think it will be interesting, too.

Steve: Okay.

Well, you know, I think that’s interesting.

And maybe we’ll have an opportunity when you get back to talk about what you saw and probably you’ll find some things down there that you didn’t expect to see.

Jill: I’m sure.

Steve: So, thank you very much and congratulations, again.

Jill: Thank you.

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