Annie and Kyle

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Steve talks to Annie and Kyle (his grandchildren). Image courtesy of Jug Jones

Annie:    First I have to burp.

Steve:    Hello there!

I have here two of my grandchildren and who are they?

Introduce yourselves.

Kyle:    I’m Kyle.

Annie:    I’m Annie.

Steve:    And let’s see now, Annie, how old are you?

Annie:    Eleven.

Steve:    And Kylie?

Kyle:    I’m nine.

Steve:    Nine. Okay.

And tell me, what did you do today?

Annie, what was…what was…today…first of all, it’s Saturday, right?

Annie:    Yeah.

Steve:    And what did you do today?

Annie:    Well, nothing. Well first I walked Gordie, my dog.

Steve:    Yeah.

Annie:    And then I went to Olivia’s hip-hop show.

Steve:    Olivia is your sister, your little sister.

Annie:    Yeah and she’s dancing and I watched the big dancing and there was a lot of different dancing, but…and then I came home.

And then “Gackie” my grandma came home because she’s been at Palm Springs for a month and then she came back and then so she said hi.

And then we came to grandpa and grandma’s house for dinner.

Steve:    That’s your other grandma.

Kyle:    Yes.

Annie:    Yes.

Steve:    Yes.

Alright, okay.

And Kylie what did you do today?

Kyle:    Ah, first I woke up and ate breakfast then I went to my soccer game and we lost 6-5 or something.

And then I went to my hockey game and we won like 6-3 and I got two goals.

Steve:    And not only that, Kylie, you played really well; I was very impressed.

Now the last time we spoke we spoke about your school, your French immersion school.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Steve:    Right?

Now you were telling me that if you speak English to your friends at school you might be punished?

Annie:    Not really.

You just…well, you have tickets and then if you speak English then they take a ticket from you.

At the end of the week they count the tickets and if you have…well, if you have more tickets it’s good and if you don’t it’s bad.

Steve:    But what are the tickets good for?

Annie:    Nothing.

Steve:    So they try and get you to snitch and tell tales on your other students?

That’s not very nice.

Kyle:    Yup, it’s not nice.

Annie:    Well they don’t tell anyone except for you.

They don’t really…they don’t like tell anyone.

Steve:    So do you speak French then to the other kids all of whom are English speakers?

Annie:    Sometimes.

Steve:    Right.

Annie:    Yeah, mostly.

Steve:    It would make more sense.

Now are your teachers Francophones or Anglophones mostly?

Annie:    Francophones.

Steve:    Well that’s good. So you speak French to your teachers?

Kyle:    Yup.

Annie:    Yeah, yeah, if we don’t they…I don’t know. I don’t know what they’d do.

Kyle:    I don’t know, they might think of something.

Steve:    So do you like reading in French?

Annie:    No.

Kyle:    Not as much as reading in English.

Steve:    Okay.

Annie:    I love reading in English.

Steve:    You love reading in English?

What are you reading right now Annie?

Annie:    The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Steve:    The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Annie:    Yup.

Steve:    And what’s that about?

Annie:    Um, well, there are four special kids and then they have to take a bunch of tests and then at the end they make it to the Mysterious Benedict Society and they have this big mission.

I bought it with you for my birthday.

Steve:    Right, yes, yeah.

Annie:    Remember when you took us out book shopping?

Steve:    And it’s a good book?

Annie:    Yeah. It’s right down there; it’s actually here.

Steve:    Oh, you brought it.

Just in case you get bored with grandma and grandpa you could read your book?

Annie:    Yeah.

Steve:    Okay. Kylie, what are you reading?

Kyle:    I’m reading Biggles.

Steve:    Biggles.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Steve:    Is it a good book?

Kyle:    Aha.

Steve:    What’s it about?

Kyle:    It’s about like…he was…there’s a guy named Biggles and he has like…

Annie:    He’s a pilot.

Kyle:    He was a fighter pilot in the Second World War and he has like a squadron and stuff and they go around trying to…um, ah…find stuff and…ah…yeah…

Steve:    Find stuff? Like what? Like the enemy or treasures or what?

Kyle:    Bad guys.

Steve:    Bad guys, okay.

So…but you do read in French, right?

Annie:    Yeah.

Steve:    Sometimes.

Annie:    Yeah, I have to; I have to read 15 minutes a day.

Steve:    Aha. And you Kylie?

Kyle:    Me too, but I don’t do it.

Steve:    You don’t do it!

Ha, oh well, okay.

And, of course, the other thing we can talk about is the fact we’re going skiing at Big White.

Kyle:    Oh yeah!

Annie:    Oh yeah!

Steve:    Yeah. And who’s coming to be with us this year?

Annie:    Our cousins.

Kyle:    Our cousins. They’re British, except they’re in Boston now.

Annie:    Well not any more, they’re in Boston.

Steve:    Well they’re not British.

I mean your uncle and aunt are not, but they’ve been living in London so long that they speak with a British accent.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Annie:    Yeah, funny.

Steve:    But now where are they living?

Annie:    Boston.

Steve:    Boston.

Because Eric, my older son, has a fellowship at Harvard, so they’re all living in Boston.

So maybe when they come this Christmas they’ll speak with an American accent.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Annie:    Yeah.

Kyle:    That will be funny.

Steve:    So what are we going to do up there?

Annie:    Ski.

Steve:    What else do we do up there?

Kyle:    Play hockey on the frozen pond.

Steve:    And?

Annie:    Tube.

Steve:    Tube. We go tubing.

Annie:    And knit, I guess.

Steve:    You knit up there, I guess?

Oh yeah?

Annie:    And eat and sleep.

Steve:    And eat and sleep, all very important.

And it’s nice up there, except it’s called Big White because it’s snowy and foggy much of the time.

Annie:    Yeah.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Annie:    It’s foggy all the time.

Steve:    So do you like it when it’s cold and foggy and you can hardly see and we have to go skiing?

Annie:    No, but I like skiing.

Steve:    Do you like it when we get the odd day that it’s clear and sunny?

Kyle:    Yeah.

Annie:    Yeah.

Steve:    Okay.

What else do we want to talk about?

Annie:    Christmas?

Steve:    Christmas!

Do you think you’re going to get any presents for Christmas?

Kyle:    Ah, yeah, I think so.

Steve:    Why do you think so?

Annie:    I hope so.

Kyle:    I don’t know.

Annie:    I hope so.

Steve:    What do you want for Christmas?

Kyle:    I want a video game.

Steve:    A video game. Why, you don’t have any?

Annie:    I want a Sims.

Steve:    You want a Sims?

Kyle:    It’s a computer game.

Annie:    Yeah. I already have one, but…I already have a Sims.

Steve:    What is a Sims?

Annie:    Well it’s a computer game and then it’s just…you make some people and you make their house and then you…well, you choose what they do and stuff; you make them do stuff.

Well I already have the one…a starter pack thing, but then you can get a bunch of expansion packs where you can do a lot more stuff on the same one.

Steve:    Okay.

And what do you want, Kylie, a computer game?

Which computer, which video game?

Kyle:    It’s hockey.

Steve:    Hockey.

Annie:    NHL KT or something.

Kyle:    2K9.

Steve:    2K9.

Kyle:    Yeah.

Steve:    So you’re mostly into hockey?

Kyle:    Yeah.

Steve:    Okay.

Okay, I think that covers it.

Anything else you want to talk about?

Kyle:    Ah, nope.

Steve:    Annie?

Annie:    I don’t know, no.

Steve:    Okay, then we will end our discussion right there.

Annie:    Okay.

Steve:    Thank you very much for joining us.

Kyle:    Bye-bye.

Annie:    Bye.

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